7 amazing facts about the Water

7 amazing facts about the Water


Water ... It can be called so many different names - from the romantic "Source of Life" to dry and scientific version as "of H2O" ...

For many people, water seems to be the most simple substance that can be imagined. However, in reality, the water - the very source of life, most commonly occurring in the world in liquid form, is a very mysterious substance.

It suffice to say, that scientists still can not clearly justify all the properties of the water. If you are in doubt about its mystery, we offer you five of the most amazing facts about the properties of water.

1. Water as the foundation of life
Water - is the very essence of life. Every living animal and vegetable being consists of water: animals - 75%, fish - up to 75%, jellyfish - up to 99%, potatoes - up to 76%, apples - up to  85%, tomatoes - 90%, cucumbers - 95 %, watermelons - 96%. Even a human body is dominated by the water - just about 86% in the newborn and up to 50% in the elderly.

2. Hot water freezes faster than cold water
Which water will became the ice: hot or cold? Logically, then, of course, cold. It must first cool down, and then freeze, but the cold does not need to cool down. However, experience shows that the ice is created much faster from the the hot water.

3. Super Cold water
All of us well remember from school physics course, that water freezes at 0 degrees Celcius and boils at 100 degrees Celcius. However, there is also a so-called super cold water. This variety has no additives and presents a very pure water. Even when cooled below the freezing point, this water remains in liquid state.
But in fact, in both cases there is a temperature at which water would boil or ice.

4. Water is like glass
What happens if you take a frozen pure water and continue cooling? You will be surprised to see an amazing transformation on the surface of the water. At minus 120 degrees Celsius water becomes super-viscous or viscous, and at a temperature below minus 135 degrees, it turns into a "glass" water. "Glass" water - is a solid state, which lacks crystalline structure, just like the glass does.

5. Most of the world’s freshwater - is in glaciers
Where is the water? The answer seems obvious: in the oceans. But in fact, the Earth’s core contains 10-12 times more water than the oceans. Moreover, almost all the available water on the planet is not suitable for drinking. We can drink only about 3% of the water - that is all fresh water that we have! But even then, most of this 3% is not readily available, since it is contained in glaciers.

6. Water for a Healthy Heart
Water helps reduce the risk of a heart attack. During the study, researchers found that those who drink about six glasses of water per day, lowered risk of a heart attack as opposed to those who drink just two glasses.

7. The most expensive water
Water may be free, but it can also be very expensive. The most expensive water in the world is sold in Los Angeles. Manufacturers pack the precious liquid with a balanced flavor and ph value in with "Swarovski" rhinestones bottle. The price for such water is 90 $ for 1 liter.

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