Folk Remedies for Mold

Folk Remedies for Mold

Rule of thumb, before starting a fight with such a dangerous "enemy" as mold, it is necessary to investigate the causes of its occurrence.


The main condition for the emergence of black mold on the walls in the apartment is excessive moisture, which is a consequence of poor ventilation, and therefore the primary action in the fight against parasites, should be to ensure optimal indoor air exchange in the room.To address this, resort to cleaning the existing ventilation ducts, installing supply valves, installing modern heating systems and adjusting windows in the winter.


From the mold that forms on the walls, we try to get rid of it more quickly, and some people  only think, not realising the deplorable danger that can cause both the human body and the entire construction of the dwelling and household items.

In the case, when a small section of walls or objects of use was affected by mold and fungus, the most advantageous variant will get rid of it using proven means (folk).


Bleach. Fight with all kinds of mold in the house is perfectly handled by an ordinary bleach. Hazardous substance for spores mold fungus is sodium hypochlorite, containing in the composition. Bleach is suitable only for cleaning smooth and hard surfaces (tiles in the bathroom, glass, furniture). Dilute the bleach in the proportion of one to ten, then applied to the infected surface with a sprayer, rags or a brush. For re-treatment, it should be allowed to dry completely.


Vinegar. Has a specific and pronounced smell, which characteristically does not emit evaporation dangerous for human health. In order to remove mold and fungus, it is necessary to apply it in a pure form to the lesion with a spray, and after about an hour, the surface should be rinsed with water and ventilate the room. For prevention, the treated area should be sprayed with vinegar for a while.


Hydrogen peroxide. The mildew on the walls in the apartment can be removed with the help of hydrogen peroxide. Such antibacterial agent is available in any pharmacy. This drug does not contain toxins and is odorless. Perfectly removes the fungus on many materials, but you need to be careful with the painted surfaces, since it has the property of bleaching them. The processing process is as follows: we take 3% of the peroxide composition and with the sprayer carefully work the wall, give 10 minutes for impregnation, then proceed to cleaning and washing the area.


Tea tree oil. This remedy is suitable for the removal of small affected areas. Prepare the solution in proportion to water one to fifty. The process of treatment with this agent is very simple, the solution is applied to the moldy area with the aid of a sprayer, and then it is naturally allowed to dry.


You can also use alcohol, adding glycerin to it, so that the action will be strengthened

It is also possible to remove the mold by using ordinary household soap diluted to a thick concentrated solution so that the alkali can remove the fungus from the surface of the walls.


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