How to reduce household waste, throwing fewer things and protecting the environment

How to reduce household waste, throwing fewer things and protecting the environment

The amount of garbage that remains as a result of your activity is probably the least of your worries. But you should know that protecting the environment begins with small gestures that you can do at home .
There are many ways in which you can reduce the amount of waste, and it's just a matter of making the first step.

1. Use glass jars for storage.

Glass jars are ideal for storing spices, sugar, rice and other similar products.

2. Use textile bags for purchases. Always bring a textile shopping bag with you. This way, you will not spend money on buying packages and collect them in cabinet drawers. Did you know that if you buy bread without packaging, you save 5.5 kg of waste per year?

3. Donate.
Do you have any clothes that you are going to throw away? Has your child grown up and wants to throw toys in the trash? How do you look at donating the things youno longert need? Thus, you will produce less garbage, and do a good deed for another family.

4. Reuse the paper. Do not throw away sheets of paper that are printed on the printer on one side. Use the white side for notes, or find new uses for used paper.

5. Processing of plant residues.
If possible, dispose of plant and food residues - such as fruits, vegetable waste, eggshells, coffee grounds and tea bags. Using these 'ingridients', you can make your own compost - an excellent natural fertilizer for the garden.

6.Use natural cleaners.
Natural cleaning products, such as baking soda, salt, lemon juice or vinegar, mustard powder, sand, clay and others. Even if you go for just one of these options, you will produce less waste in the long run.

If we follow these simle tips and think about the environment more often, there will be much lesser amount of waste reaching our landfill!

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