Let’s Paint Easter Eggs

Let’s Paint Easter Eggs


Easter eggs can be painted very beautifully, using only natural dyes. All the ingredients you can easily find in the kitchen or at the nearest store.

But first, a few tips. They will help you achieve a brilliant result.

Before staining the eggs, wipe them with vinegar or wash with soda, then the paint will lie evenly. For eggs not to burst during cooking, immerse them into cold water, and not the boiling one, and slowly bring to boil.

Even if the egg bursts, it will never leak out, if you add a tablespoon of salt to the water.

To give the colored eggs a shine, wipe them with vegetable oil, but the eggs must be absolutely dry.

Onion skins.
With the help of onion skins, Easter eggs can be colored in colors from light orange and red to maroon and brown. Depending on the time of staining - the longer you cook or keep eggs in the water with onion skins, the darker the color will turn out.

Golden or yellow color can be obtained with a turmeric solution - just mix
2-3 tablespoons of turmeric with the hot water. To get more saturated colour, bring the water to the boil.

Nettle or spinach
A pleasant green color of your Easter eggs can be obtained by using a nettle or spinach. The longer you cook (no more than 20 minutes) or keep (you can keep it  all night in the fridge) the eggs in the water, the brighter color will turn out.

Red cabbage
Blue color of the eggs is obtained by soaking the red cabbage in the following infusion: in half a liter of water, soak two finely chopped heads of red cabbage,  and add six tablespoons of white vinegar. Leave the infusion overnight to obtain a deeper color. Next soak the eggs in the infusion.

To get a beautiful pink color, already boiled eggs can be soaked in beet or cranberry juice. Frozen cranberries can be used. You can mash the berries (you can mix it), add some water and stain the eggs in this mixture. With beet will create a brighter color, if eggs are boiled along with the beet and allowed to brew for several hours.

Strong tea
Strongly brewed black tea will give the Easter eggs colors from golden to chocolate depending on the strength of the tea and the time of staining.

For a pleasant purple color, eggs can be colored with blueberry juice. Frozen berries or jam are also perfect. Berries or jam should be poured into the boiling water and let it brew. This infusion will paint eggs in a perfect manner.

With the help of coffee, eggs can be dyed in various chocolate shades.

We wish a Happy Easter, filled with joy and love!


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