Personal Branding for Service Provider. Where to Promote Yourself as a Brand?

Personal Branding for Service Provider. Where to Promote Yourself as a Brand?

Personal branding! This is what will bring the necessary recognition and additional income.

Want to become a recognisable expert in service providing? To make your name more profitable?
I know what you need!
Personal branding! This is what will bring the necessary recognition and additional income.

Personal Branding is about creating a specific image of yourself in the mind of your ideal customers, so they can get to know, like and trust you before they order services and buy from you.

Why would you build a personal brand as a service provider?

Building a recognisable personal brand opens up great professional opportunities.
These can be:
     - more work volume;
     - improvement of  the quality of contacts and the number of customers;
     - recognition of your professionalism and skill level.

Where can I spin my name?

1. Personal branding in social networks
The most popular social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, will help you to become popular among potential customers. Create your profile, lead the page. Specify information that will tell users about your activities, your achievements. Create your own group, communicate with people - this will increase the level of audience trust in you.
For personal branding, it is convenient to use the Internet
This kind of interaction with potential customers has been rapidly developed thanks to social networks. They are an indispensable part of any personal brand. Without the help of social networks, it is impossible to grow a strong social brand from scratch. You also need to keep in touch with others in your professional area, participate in activities, and communicate with customers outside the internet space.

2. Blog
A big plus will be blogging, it will attract more attention from potential customers. With blog post, you can purposefully target homeowners, home jobs and tasks. The content should be also around the problems and solutions for the your customers.

3. Forums
Keep in touch with people on the forums, answer their interesting questions. Such "care" will attract more attention to you. As a result, your visibility will increase. The most popular is boards.ie, where you can interact with other people and provide valuable input.

4. Number one in the search
Lead your blog, your pages, promote them to the very first positions. For example, in your field of activity. Thus, you are easier to find and your visibility among potential customers is higher.

5. Videos
Answer the questions of your target audience in the video format.
This way you will achieve several goals:
- become more recognisable;
- you customers will see that you pay attention to their queries;
In this format, you will have fewer competitors. Many people search for information directly using YouTube, without using Google, and many service providers do not take this into account.

Personal branding helps you increase the influence of your business and develop your reputation in the market. It is also important to remember - personal branding is a long-term strategy.
It assumes serious obligations. But the advantages of a strong personal brand are worth all the effort.

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