Spring Cleaning the House - Where Do We Start?

Spring Cleaning the House - Where Do We Start?

Spring is the time when everything starts to wake up from the winter hibernation and dawn, and makes it a great season for positive changes both in life and in the environment.

Cleaning the house in the spring will allow you to change the environment for the better, sort out the winter debris. Let's have a look at small tasks that will make a big change!

Dusting the house
This is necessary in order to clean and, consequently, to improve the air. During dusting the house as a part  of spring cleaning, don’t forget to check all nicks and crannies, especially the corners and pay close attention to the skirting boards.
Don’t forget to also empty put the cabinets, wardrobes, boxes and give it all a good wipe.

Cleaning windows
The washed windows will let more light into the rooms. After winter season, windows might look dusty and manky, blocking the sunlight entering the rooms.
Best time to wash windows would be when the sky is cloudy - you will have a better view of the area without being blinded by the sun glare, which prevents to see all the pollution.
The simplest way to wash the windows? Just a bucket full of warm water with some vinegar!

Cleaning curtains
This decorative part of the interior accumulates a large amount of dust. The best approach will be to wash curtains on a regular basis. if you are going to wash by hand - it might be good to presoak them before rolling up the sleeves. For machine wash is it best to select either a Delicate mode or a Hand wash cycle.

Indoor Plants
As days are getting longer and warmer, we need to water the plants more abundantly, having previously cut off withered shoots. Don't forget to add some plant food and re-pot where needed.

So now the house cleaning in spring is completed!

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