The Wonderful Strawberry

The Wonderful Strawberry

How useful are the strawberries?

Strawberries reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Include this berry in your diet, and you can reduce the risks of heart problems.
All these wonderful properties are due to the fact that strawberries contain ellagic acid, which controls the level of cholesterol. Vitamin C in its composition strengthens blood vessels, and arteries.

It lightens freckles and age spots.
If you want to lighten the skin, freckles or age spots, make a mask of strawberries. Mash a few berries in a medium-sized bowl. First, test the prepared mixture on the skin of the wrist. If all is well, apply on the face. This cosmetic procedure can be done 1-2 times a week.

It helps to get rid of acne and inflammations.
If you have problems with the skin, then the mask made out of strawberries will help you deal with them. Its structure contains antioxidants, which effectively battle you skin problems.

It slows down the aging process.
The antioxidants in strawberries counteract free radicals. Therefore, the aging process slows down. To get the most benefits, you need to eat a few berries about 40 minutes after lunch.

It whitens teeth.
A large amount of vitamin C in the strawberry can destroy plaque, that causes the teeth to turn yellow. Eating strawberries regularly, and soon you will notice that your teeth become 1-2 shades lighter.

It helps to get rid of a bad mood.
How to overcome unwarranted feeling moody and down? At the first sign - eat some strawberries: they prevent the formation of homocysteine ​​in unhealthy quantities and this in turn allows the blood to deliver nutrients to the brain without a hitch!

Did you know, strawberries - make a wonderful dressing for salads with fresh vegetables, alongside lemon juice, and combines well with the lettuce!


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