Washing down coats in the machine: the secrets of success

Washing down coats in the machine: the secrets of success

Down jackets have become fashionable a long time ago and, it seems, for a long time. This is not surprising: these clothes are characterised by their attractiveness and convenience, it is ideal for wearing in the winter. However, the stuffing of the down jacket, which is most often goose, swan, or, in expensive luxury models, eiderdown, sometimes with the addition of a small feather, can slip during washing, so you have to turn to dry cleaning services. If this is not possible, then it is worth getting acquainted with some secrets that will help to wash the down jacket, without damaging it, in a conventional washing machine. How to properly wash the down jacket?

First you need to choose a detergent. From the usual washing powder will have to give up, since it is extremely difficult to rinse it out of the down jacket. It is strictly forbidden to use soap. It is worth acquiring special tools that can easily be found in the markets and in household chemical shops. Also it is necessary to prepare 2-3 balls for big tennis.
Before washing, the down jacket is turned inside out, folded and placed in the automatic machine drum. Before doing so, make sure that all pockets and zippers are fastened. The jacket should not take up all the place in the drum: it should be easy to fit in it, it's good, if there is free space, after all, in this case, the fluff, most likely, does not crumble. Together with a down jacket, you can not put any things in the machine. Now comes the turn of the tennis balls, which are put in the drum together with the clothes. Their task during washing: to break down lumps of fluff, not letting him fall. As for the regime, it is better to choose a delicate washing, paying attention to the water temperature: it should not be above 30 degrees. Set the intensive rinse mode, you can even start it several times to ensure that all detergent residues are removed from the surface of the down jacket. Spin intensity should not be too high: the maximum 600 spins are set.

Drying is a delicate matter. In order for the down jacket not to lose its presentable appearance, it is not enough to wash it properly - the jacket needs to be dried well. When the cycle of washing  including rinsing and spinning  is completely done, the coat  needs to be taken out of the machine and very carefully and evenly hung over the hangers. Ideally will be if the down jacket will dry in the fresh air, although you can hang it in the house. But the battery can not be used for this purpose. Before the down jacket is completely dry, it is recommended to place it again several times in the washing machine, including the spin mode. Do not forget about tennis balls: at this stage they will also be useful for preventing the formation of lumps of fluff.

Do not do this!
Not all methods of washing and drying are applicable to down jackets. If you do not want to become an owner of an ordinary-looking shapeless thing that you will not be able to wear, never do the following:

- Do not soak the down jacket before washing. The only thing that can be done: an hour before putting in the machine to soap the ends of the sleeves and the neck of the jacket, but immediately before washing soap should be washed off;

- Do not violate the temperature regime: for down jackets, water is festering hotter than 30 degrees;

- Do not use excipients: balsam rinsers, dyes and bleaching agents;

- Do not dry the down jacket for a long time: if the thing dries more than 2-3 days, it will not affect it in the best way, so if the jacket remains moist for a long time, hang it near the heat source;

- Do not place the down jacket for drying horizontally or in any other way: it can only be hung from the hangers;

- Do not store or wear a jacket that has not dried to the end.

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